Welcome to Kids After School

Do you have an early start and need someone to look after your child and ensure they get to school on time?

Are you still working when your child finishes school?

Do you struggle to get enough annual leave to spend time with your children during their school holidays?

Do you have a really busy lifestyle and need someone to be there for your children outside of school hours?

You've come to the right place!

Here are just a few reasons Kids After School is your best choice:

You'll never hear your kids say they were bored at Kids After School. In fact they're more likely to say it was "swaz" (sweet as) or "cool". We listen to your child and can adapt their activities so they are always doing something they enjoy.

You don't need to feel stressed out about what happens to your children after school, who is picking them up or what they're getting up to. Don't wait any longer. Talk to us about a solution to your child's before and after school care or school holiday arrangements that will fit in with you.